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Nordic Mirrorgroup EuroCode 7

The Nordic countries have similarities related to geology, climate and contractual requirements. Hence it always has been natural to cooperate between the countries both on project level and national level. Related to EN 1997, cooperation was established already during the work with the first version of EN 1997.

The need for a more systematic common work, in relation to the preparation of the next generation of Eurocode, was obvious. Therefore it was decided to establish a more formal cooperation between the Nordic countries. The Kick-off meeting of NMGEC7 was held in Stockholm on the 14th and 15th of January, 2014.

The aim of NMGEC7
The aim is to work together on the preparation of next generation of EN 1997. The Nordic experts will contribute to a common Nordic view on a specific topic. However each country does not necessarily need to have an expert in each field, but could still endorse the common view. Hence it will make it possible for the Nordic countries to contribute to a larger extent to the work on European level.

There are specific Nordic aspects related to e.g. geology (soft soil and hard rock), climate and contractual aspects that need to be covered by next generation of EN 1997. Hence NMGEC7 will prepare recommendations and background information, to facilitate this.

Another benefit of the establishment of NGMEC7 is that it will facilitate the knowledge and
experience exchange between the Nordic countries.


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